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Liyam Plast Production Group has started its activity since 2014 in supplying packaging products, tablecloths, garbage bags and freezer bags.

At present, this factory is working with the daily production of 3000 kg of freezer bags and 3000 kg of tablecloths and garbage bags by advanced and highly diversified machines.

Liyam Plast Production Group, in addition to producing nylon and Nylex products, freezer bags and disposable tablecloths and exporting products to neighboring countries, has produced cellulose products under the brand of Nogol and Golrokh. Food and medicine are engaged in the production of these products.

The quality of Liyam Plast products is in accordance with international standards and is exported to the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries.

In our collection, in addition to entrepreneurship and job creation, we aim to provide quality products to our dear people.

Liyam Plast Production Group, a manufacturer of quality products at competitive prices

Direct sales and elimination of intermediaries, And variety in products and high quality raw materials


Produced by Liyam Plast

Includes a variety of nylon bags with handles, freezer bags, disposable tablecloths and garbage bags, cellulose products and aluminum foil


The price is right

Due to the elimination of intermediaries and direct presentation from the manufacturer, the prices are quite reasonable and the raw materials are of excellent quality.


quality guarantee

All products produced by Liam Plast have quality control and in case of dissatisfaction, the products will be reproduced and returned.

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